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Through an ongoing contract and collaboration with the statewide self advocacy organization, Speaking Up for Us (SUFU), MDDC provides resources and technical assistance to support individuals with developmental disabilities to have real, self-determined lives in the community.  In FFY14 over 250 individuals with developmental disabilities, either received training or achieved greater independence as a result of SUFU’s work.  They accomplish this through a wide array of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Educating the public about community inclusion
  • Encouraging and providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities to actively seek competitive employment
  • Educating individuals with developmental disabilities on ways to be a valued part of their community
  • Working with providers to support individuals with developmental disabilities to be in the community with the least amount of support necessary
  • Educating individuals with developmental disabilities about less restrictive guardianship options
  • Engaging in systems advocacy through leadership and policy making roles at the state level 

MDDC in 2017 also put funding towards a series of videos that SUFU produced that showed self-advocates explaining different aspects of living with a disability, including accessing services, being politically active, and how our culture treats people with developmental disabilities. Those videos can be found here:





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