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Getting the supports and services one needs to live a full life in the community starts with getting the right diagnosis – and the earlier, the better. So much development happens in the first few years of life – and for children with developmental disabilities, these years are critical for getting the habilitative services they need – the interventions that build the skills of living that will allow them to have the best possible life in their communities.

At MDDC, we know that the science shows that the earlier services begin, the better outcomes will be. We are proud to be involved with initiatives like the CDC’s “Learn the Signs, Act Early”, which helps to raise awareness about tracking developmental milestones and give parents and practitioners information about what to do if a child is falling behind their peers. MDDC also supports initiatives to reduce the rates of preventable disabilities like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and help children affected by FASD get the help they need to thrive.

Learn more about these projects here:

Learn the Signs, Act Early

FASD/Fetal Alcohol and Substance Disorders

Early Intervention Advocacy




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