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         Empowering the Future - MDDC's 2023 Annual Report

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Life Well Lived - MDDC's 2020 Annual Report

This publication, produced by N&R Publications, tells the stories of Maine people with developmental disabilites across the life span, focusing on their struggles and successes in living full lives in their communities with the right supports and services. Alongside the firsthand accounts, data and information about the systems of care in Maine round out a picture of where we are now and where we need to go.

Life Well Lived was inserted into thousands of newspapers in the spring of 2020 and put into the hands of policymakers and legislators across the state. Read it by clicking here.


Annual Autism Act Report

2015 Autism Act Report 


Reports and Publications from other completed projects

Accessing Healthcare: The Experience of Individuals with ASD in Maine

Supports & Services for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Dementia in Maine

Autism Implementation Grant Final Report

Commonly Used Acronyms

Put People First - a guide to using People First Language and communicating with people with disabilities




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