Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Having the opportunity to make a paycheck can be vital to one’s sense of autonomy. At MDDC, we believe that all people with developmental disabilities should be able to get good work in their communities if they so choose and be paid a competitive wage for that work. We also believe that all workplaces should be accessible and accommodating – and that by including people with developmental disabilities in their workforces, employers will make themselves more competitive and successful.

MDDC also knows that having control over one’s finances is an important key to self-determination. We decry policies that penalize people with disabilities for making money and advocate for systems that allow people with developmental disabilities to improve their financial situation while still retaining access to the services they need.

Read our position statement on Employment here: MDDC Position Statement on Employment 2015

Here are some of our recent projects in this area:

ABLE Accounts

Employment First

Advocacy on Employment



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