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 MDDC Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report

 NCI Adult Survey Outcomes - Maine Report

2013-2014 Data 

  Annual Legislative Reports

2015 Legislative Report

2014 Legislative Report 


 Annual Autism Act Report

2015 Autism Act Report 


 Accessing Healthcare: The Expereince of Individuals with ASD in Maine


 Supports & Services for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Dementia in Maine


           Autism Implementation Grant Final Report


 Commonly Used Acronyms


 Put People First - a guide to using People First Language and communicating with people with disabilities


Other Resources

Early Intervention Maine PSA

Volunteer Corrospondance Program

What to Expect at my PCP Meeting (SUFU Training Video)

We Prepare Every Day (Emergency Preparedness PSA)

Home Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs