Membership Application Form

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Application For Membership

Please check either "yes" or "no" for each of the following:

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(Please note that an immediate relative or guardian of an adult with a developmental disability may only be considered for Council membership if that adult is unable to advocate for himself/herself, even with supports.)

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(Please Note: The full Council meets bi-monthly (6 times) throughout the year. In addition, members are required to serve on at least one committee, which may meet as frequently as once a month. Members are expected to review materials and information sent by Council staff in preparation for meetings.)


Please provide two references we can contact for a recommendation. These should be individuals who know you personally and/or professionally and would be able to comment on the strengths, skills and experience you would contribute as a member of the Council.

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Please feel free to contact the Council at 207-287-4213 or 800-244-3990 if you have questions or would like additional information.